Video Presentation

Technology is everywhere, and we are surrounded by it in almost every part of our lives. It makes our lives more convenient and easy.  It is natural that technology has a huge impact on education. Due to digital tools fostering students’ abilities, they change the way students work and think, which gives them new perspectives on the world. As a part of education, we have to give students the ability to learn both independently and collaboratively, and also we need to teach them to utilize the technology that exists today, so they will be able to comfortably incorporate it in their careers.

When I was working on my project, I realized that Blended Learning is a unique model that supports teaching with technology. Since I have one home-schooling daughter, I began to think that about Blended Learning would be the perfect match for education. This model incorporates many strategies and applications.  When you use Blended Learning, you allow students to go from traditional homeschool to using technology to learn. It prepares students for their college studies because students take responsibility for their own learning.

This video is a short introduction to my project. I created this movie by using iMovie application  .I am planning to develop the project in the future. With the Blended Learning program, students and parents both will have many opportunities. It will allow students to learn at their own pace. Instead of students memorizing facts and forgetting information, the program will help them to construct meaning from the class material. Blended Learning will create a learning environment across grade levels, and help parents understand the content to assist their children. It will provide opportunities to teach problem-solving in multidisciplinary units. This program will encourage 21st-century collaboration with technological tools.