yardim What is Professional Learning Community  in this  century? First of all, let’s try to find  an answer to this question.Professional Learning Community  is  an enlarged  learning facility  to cultivate  collaborative learning  among colleagues within an analytical   work environment. Even tough there are some important  members of the school learning community such as counselors, librarians, and special education teachers, teachers are the main members  of the community that focus on instruction. Why do we need  to use PLC? PLC is often used in schools as a way to organize teachers into working groups.It  is great opportunity to share and learn from colleagues accomplishments.Teachers use collaborative facilities to organize instruction and improve in the classroom.
PLC unifies teachers with information, different types of strategies and great practices. This  community shares  collective accountability  for  all students learning in the school system.  Community  psychologists Mc.Millan and Chavis (1986)state that there are some key factors like membership, influence, fulfillment of individual needs and shared events and emotional connections  form  the  Professional Learning Community.Collective responsibility  ties  up the entire education community,  teachers, staff  and administrators.Members of the learning community switch  feedbacks  about their practice with one another, visit one another’s classrooms  and share resources.
If teacher’s learning is shared and supported by others, it also fosters  a sense of community. Technology also  has the positive impact on PLC.  While technology cannot eliminate every obstacle, it can make differentiation easier for teachers and more engaging for students. Teachers who invest the time and effort to integrate technology into their differentiation practice can reap enormous benefits in classroom management, student engagement, and the pacing of instruction. 1  It  also provides  a lot of  facilities  for  learning,  sharing and archiving. Some teachers meet with their colleagues  virtually or even participate online conference.In communities, professional  learning  necessitates  ongoing  progress, contribute collective accountability  and endorse adaptation of person. Community members  are all responsible for each other’s   accomplishments for  the certain goals.
Dr. Rick DuFour defines a professional learning community (PLC) as “a group of people working interdependently toward the same goal.2
How did I  contribute and what did I consume from Professional Learning Community?
When I was in  in Turkey, I was  a member  of the  R&D  community in the school.We were working very enthusiastically  for our school’s success.Me and my friends were operating  in the area of the curriculum  in order  to enhance our educational processes and enrich our assessment. We were creating  mission and vision statements.Our contribution was  great.Meeting procedures were mostly  guided by norms.Our group was meeting regularly every week.After getting positive feedback from our principle and parents, we were feeling  more  confident and realizing that  the learning needs of our student were a splendid  opportunity.Our faculty culture was improving, and professional relationships were  becoming  stronger and more trusting since   they  were interacting and communicating more productively.I dedicated myself to doing my part of the work which I had contributed.Because we took the first steps into the prolog of improving our school, other teachers had seen our team  as an example and they took us as role models.
Teachers were participating  in professional collaborations more willingly, like co-developing and co-teaching.Educators were making sure  that conversations remain objective  rather than subjective.This  community was emphasizing on Continuous  Learning and Improvement “.For  the development of the faculty, we were organizing  professional development seminars  throughout  the year.We were reminding to our colleagues the upcoming  events.Our community was also very sensitive on socializing; in  order to establish healthy relationships with the society, students were  incorporating with  the relevant class teachers.By determining the  learning styles of our  students, we were diversifying of our teaching  materials, techniques  and methods.
Projects and assignments  were  assigned to students  according to their needs. We were discussing and reflecting on our instructional methods, designs while our admins were addressing leadership questions.strategies and discipline issues.Being a member of this community allowed me to have many unique acquisitions  and long-term benefit, which was the consuming part of this group work.

In today’s world, we lead a virtual life analogous to the real one.Now it is a routine to use twitter hashtags and facebook pages to discuss the certain topics.Online social learning tools such as blogs, wikis and podcasts usage are very common.When these groups of individuals come together for same vision, mission  or purpose we call them  as a ”virtual team “.These professional learning communities do not limit the teacher  to  four walls.New resources methods, strategies are continually made available.It provides supportive team whenever you need.They are open 7 days a week,24 hours a day.They are just a click away.

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