sosyal medya 2I  have  currently  joined  edWeb .net.This learning  network could  potentially be relevant to my work .Because  I am personally  open  the  new  ideas , I like listening and reading about the opinions of others .I think it is  valuable and enriches me   . It is a  free, online professional  network  .It has privacy options also  fulfills the need for a   social and learning network by  focusing on professional collaboration. There are  many webinars in this program to participate  also .Via this technology tool , it is possible to have connections with other colleagues  and experts .

Thank to this network  I can get personal training  too  . It  assures  me the opportunity  to share my knowledge, experience and resources with my colleagues as well . Although technology is often the vehicle to build connections, a PLN is about relationships. To conceptualize a PLN, envision three layers like the ever-widening rings formed when a rock is dropped into still water. The smallest inner circle represents buddies and mentors; a middle ring holds niche passion groups; and the outer layer comprises professionals and rockstars. The smaller the ring, the closer that group is connected to you in your PLN.