When we observe our daily life, the whirlwind always gets priority. We focus on the day job and ignore the most important long-term goals. As we look from the parent teacher’s perspective to this situation, (my audiences are mothers) being a mom has never been a simple job, today greater demands upon women have seemed to make it harder than ever.

My friends wish they could be homeschooling their children at home, but feel that they do not know how they get it all done. There are a lot of responsibilities that are waiting for them. Eventually, they never have time to important goals. I believe they could certainly do a better job if they had a model that prepares them better for the process. 4DX model taught me how to change people’s behavior in the whirlwind of daily life. I have internalized how I can effectively execute any plans with utilizing this model.

So, I want to be an agent of change and decided to influence my friends. One and a half year, my daughter has gained very valuable learning experiences in Homeschooling through my Blended-Learning initiative. To bring change in any organization, I’ve clearly understood that giving information is not enough itself. It should be supported with other important steps. Like modeling. Even tiny changes can take the time to filter through and be adopted. I will provide all possible information and practice in both the planning and implementation process. I will share my story and offer an opportunity for them to learn from my experiences. I believe experiences add much more value than an opinion. I believe if this training is taken seriously and done right, every parent-teacher would gain the necessary skills. They can learn very effective strategies and participate discussions and collaborate with other parents. They can be ready for the most challenging circumstances. I will be using Schoology as an LMS tool (Learning Management System) as it is free, safe and user-friendly learning network for instructors and learners. I will teach how to use Schoology for their own kids. With this technology tool, parent-teachers will be able to connect, share content, create & access homework, and participate in discussions.

This ten-week training will allow them to experience and explore the Blended learning environment. I will provide modeling and ongoing support throughout the implementation process, parent-teachers will gain more accountability and confidence. Each participating parent-teacher will observe and evaluate their own group lessons each week regularly.

Discipline 1-Focus on the Wildly Important Goal (WIG):

During this process, they will identify and incorporate what blended-learning is. They will acquire the knowledge how to create and implement blended learning to enhance their children learning. In order to get this point, parent-teachers will participate regularly in professional development sessions and actively engage in creating blended learning activities for their children and collaborate with their peers and team leaders in instructional design.

Discipline 2 -Act on the Lead measures:

Lead measures:

          I have identified four lead measures and want to focus on them:

1– Provide better communication (Gain feedback & provide feedback).

2– Improve the knowledge (Teach scheduling and time management tips to help team members to integrate schooling into the natural flow of their home).

3– Share necessary documents (Online video presentations, downloadable audios, handouts and additional reading resources).

4– Reduce operational problems by developing necessary skills (Show how to use Schoology, digital apps, and other technology tools).

Lag measures:

Make sure the entire team member feels satisfied and motivated to begin blended-homeschool. Assure all of them acquired the proficiency use required digital tools.

Discipline 3: Keep a compelling scoreboard:

The visual scoreboard is exceptionally essential and every group will build up a straightforward and visual scoreboard. The board will incorporate lead and lag measures. Scoreboards will be in a noticeable place so everyone can check whether the group is winning or losing. Lead measures without a lag measures may make them feel good but it will not provide confirmation that the desired result has been totally achieved.

Discipline 4: Create a cadence of accountability:

The cadence of accountability incorporates with regular meetings. Each meeting will be 40+40 minutes long. Everyone will focus on WIG and assess the current progress.

We will look at the scoreboard will be able to see who is having success and who is struggling. Finally, I will collect in writing form each person a list of the things that they are committed to doing in the next week and have them sign it.


There are five stages of change. These are getting clear, launch, adoption, optimization, and habits.

Getting clear stage:

The first stage includes lead measures, scoreboard, and committing to the regular WIG sessions. It is very important because if team members know clearly, what are the wildly important goals and how they can accomplish, it would motivate them to implement the other steps of the execution. In order to get that point, we will make a meeting every week. Parent-teachers will identify what blended-learning is and what blended-learning provides to learner and learning coach. By integrating meeting, they will gain proficiency, advice, and reflections throughout the year. We will focus on two wildly important goals because too many goals, may cause losing the focus, consequently, they might accomplish none. I will explain our lead and lag measures to team members.  If they have any concerns, I will try to eliminate them.


At the meeting, I will show presentation about Blended- Homeschool project and WIG. After meeting, my first thing to do is to create teams and then guide them in every possible way. There will be five teams and every team will have their own team leader. Team leaders model using technology skills to create blended learning classroom. They will help the struggling parent-teachers and answer their questions. Each team will create their own scoreboard.


Team members will look at the scoreboard and see their own improvement by means of knowledge, experience, and skill. To understand the members’ connection, team leaders will check the scoreboard. Whoever is struggling they will provide support and who has a success they will motivate by giving incentives. Week by week, they will begin to feel more committed to the program. During the weekly meeting, parent-teachers will share out what progress they have made with their colleagues.


It is significant for all team members to collaborate regularly with each other. At every turn, I will create and encourage collaboration so team members can feel more ownership of the program. I will use surveys to obtain feedback. I will adapt my plans based on new information and try to improve members’ knowledge and skills. Parent-teachers will create their own self-blended lesson with a team leader. Each parent-teacher will observe and evaluate their peer’s lesson. They will make the necessary corrections and adjustments. Each parent-teacher will be able to use the Schoology and other digital tools proficiently after the ten-week period. They will discuss with their colleagues what went well, what areas that they struggled with.


I believe by using 4DX strategy process, all team members will achieve our Wigs. Over time, they will build confidence and self-esteem. Members will begin creating their own goals and expectations. When needed, they will be able to implement the model individually and make necessary alignments.  I hope this training creates knowledgeable parent-teachers and these parents can later work independently without constant help and supervision from others. With this training, parents will have the chance to see and reflect on what works or does not work for homeschool settings.











McChesney, C.,  Covey, S., Huling, J. (2012, April 24) The Four disciplines of execution: Achieving your wildly important goals. Free Press.




1-DURATION: Professional development will last ten weeks. We will meet every week. Proper time will be provided for practice and acquire mastery skills. The first session mainly will cover preparing parent-teachers to use Blended Learning. The second session we will focus on addressing problems and building proficiency in utilizing digital tools and apps for Blended Learning.

2- SUPPORT: Parent-teachers will be able to communicate and support each other. There will be teams. Each team will have their own group leader. Group leaders will mentor during the implementation process. There will be face-to-face and virtual discussions and ongoing support.All group members will use social media for collaboration (Twitter).

3- ACTIVE LEARNING: This training will engage each parent-teacher through various approaches (online discussions, modeling Schoology) so that they can implement actively when learning new skills and practices. The professional development course will consist of different types of activities in each session. Parent-teachers will have a chance to create their own courses by using Schoology and other technology devices.

4- MODELING: Modeling is a highly effective instructional strategy in that it allows learners to understand the new practice.Team leaders will model how to utilize technology tools to create a blended learning classroom. Parent-teachers will learn how to apply Blended-Learning by using SCHOOLOGY, some other apps, and digital devices. Parent-teachers will observe each other’s work and provide feedback.

5- SPECIFIC: This professional development will be specific to homeschool parent-teachers.


*Organize 5 teams and their leaders(These leaders will be task and relationship-oriented)

*Have a common purpose

*Communicate sincerely

*Reinforce team members efforts

*Embrace diversity

*Stay away from talking behind each other’s back

*Support a sense of community.

*Provide opportunity for parent-teachers to share their feedback and experiences with using social media(Twitter)


-Parent-teachers will take the initiative in learning so they will learn more things and learn better. They will have freedom of choice in deciding their own objectives. They will be responsible for their kid’s achievement.

-They will have equal opportunity, participation, and outcomes.

-Project based assignments will be given to gain and retain certain clear knowledge and skill, or to produce some other lasting change in themselves.

-Assistance will be continuous, but intentionally every week this assistance will be decreased to improve their learning.

– Supportive, consistent leadership and learning opportunities will be available from team leaders.

-Mutual respect, collaborative spirit, action-reflection will be kept throughout the learning process.

Parent-teachers will be encouraged:

-To find time for their learning

-To take certain steps to increase the motivation for their learning

-To detect any factor that has been backing or hindering their learning


*Team leaders and I will run the PD for the blended- learning initiative.

*Teach how to design online courses for blended learning through a learning management system (LMS)


My professional learning plan was developed for the parent teachers so that they can improve themselves and acquire the necessary skills at the end of the PD.

*Parent-teachers and group leaders

*Understanding blended-learning

*Grasping of 5 Principles of Effective PD

*Providing continuous support for blended learning initiative


*This training will be 10 weeks long.

*Arrange professional development teams/team leaders

*Give necessary information about homeschool and it’s procedures.

*Explain to the learning theories and model how to apply constructivist theories in the delivery of an online course through Schoology.

*Present blended-learning

*Create effective professional development sessions for blended-learning

*Teach how to use Schoology, some beneficial apps, and technology tools

*Introduce mindsets

*Clarify technology literacy

*Adress problems

*Build proficiency in utilizing digital tools and apps for BL

*Provide ongoing support for team members

*Foster collaboration

*Get feedback from parent-teachers for blended learning initiative.


*Gulamhussaein’s 5 Principles of Effective Professional Development

*Topic related videos, presentations, and TED Talks

*Digital tools and apps



Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a professional development outline plan for homeschool parent-teachers. During this time, I have had an opportunity to sift through the 5 disciplines of effective professional development. In the first two weeks, I was asked to create a presentation that will point to and convince my colleagues for the need for alternative professional development. For this purpose, I have created another presentation and a  video. Next, I formed an alternative PD plan outline that will provide the overview or guidelines for the PD development that I need to support my innovation plan. In this innovation plan, I have tried to identify all the key components for effective professional development. Finally, I have organized and present all the components of my professional development plan by using my BHAG. I believe this course has provided me a great experience and insight.


Hi, Dear Homeschool Parents!
I want to begin my post with one of Barbara Johnson’s quotes images (4)that say “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today “I absolutely agree with her. Nothing you do for your children is ever wasted. Child education is one of the biggest challenge parents face. During the child-raising process, every parent experiences some difficulties and needs help and guidance. The nature of children looks like a clean paper. Since whatever is initially printed on it will remain for rest of its life, this is why parents should aim to leave good images on this clean page. It is obvious that homeschooling has turned into a mainstream education option for many families. You are one of them. Even though your decision to homeschool can be based on many factors, the common idea is you want an enhanced education for your children.You are your child mentor, this is a huge responsibility and accepting your knowledge and skills as it is, might hamper your and your children’s abilities. You want your children to become independent and lifelong learners. Without effort, supposing all things to drop down from the sky happens just in a dream.

So, the best way to advance your child is to start by improving yourself since you are actively involving in your children’s achievement and accountability.  You are doing something worthwhile, that’s why constantly moving forward is imperative to grow and develop your knowledge. This learning will give you the power to do what you intend to accomplish.The human potential is unlimited, the more you progress, the more you comprehend. There is so much out there that you must learn.  Whenever you think you are good, you can even be better. When you think, you know everything you fall into ignorance.

Always remember, you cannot teach what you don’t know. Before telling your children the ways on how to exalt yourself and be lasting learners, you should let them see that you yourself is a representation and a product of development. On this way, you can achieve a lot more than you might realize and inspire many people other than your children too.

You are the main resource your kids to use to support themselves but you don’t feel contented and confident with teaching a specific subject. If you really want to improve yourself what’s holding you back? Professional learning opportunities can help you. Maybe you think in our current education system, professional developments are in one size fits all situation mode, therefore they are not effective. Like our learners, we are also diverse. We come from different backgrounds, experiences, and different learning styles. But it is possible to personalize your professional development with Twitter, Pinterest, online articles, books, (3)You think you are too busy and don’t have time to attend a physical class, no worries. There are plenty of online professional development courses that do not cost you any money. All you need is self-discipline, internet access and keep learning. You will enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace and gain many necessary skills very quickly.

Identify your weaknesses and take the time to turn those weaknesses into strengths, even create new strengths. Since you are comfortable you should not settle for less and stay where you are. When It comes to learning, there is no age, time or place boundary. With the help of professional developments strive to be a better learning coach in any way conceivable. To be of the ‘best of mentor’ is not easy. The reward is great but so is the responsibility. So, you might think that it is hard to know the difference between effective professional development and ineffective professional development? There are five principles that you can use to identify effective professional development (Gulamhussein, 2013):

1.Professional development needs to be an ongoing experience for educators.

2.Professional development needs to provide support for teachers during the implementation stage of using a new instructional method in the classroom.

3.Professional development needs to offer content that is specific instead of generic.

4.Professional development needs to be engaging and uses varied approaches to support learning for both groups and individuals.

5.Professional development needs to include modeling as major parts of teacher training.

If these professional learning principles are implemented successfully, you and your children can benefit from it. For you, it provides many skills and ensures the wide variety of educational resources. For your children, it gives a personalized learning and increases your kids’ test scores. Do not try to improve yourself for the sake of improvement alone; improvement should be purposeful and in accord with your situation. This is all for this week. We will continue our post upcoming weeks.


I have created a presentation for you by utilizing Google Slides.The reason that I have chosen this tool is because Google Slides are very common and can attract many people’s attention. I actually created a very good interactive presentation using biteable moviemaker. However, because I was using (the free version), when I clicked the presentation I realized that they don’t let me to access my presentation.So  I am not able to show that presentation.Since I have learned Google Slides to be user-friendly and navigatable I prefer to use it.At first, I hesitated to use it because I thought it would take too much time to figure out the procedures. Adversely it is very simple and convenient. The best part of using this online tool is that you don’t need any special skills. There are many templates options and you can embed any type of videos to your presentations. You can create presentations, introductions and more.I have prepared my outline by utilizing piktochart.







Gulamhussein, A. (2013). Teaching the Teachers Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability. Center for Public Education. Retrieved from

The Principles of Effective Professional Development. (n.d.). Retrieved March 12, 2017, from

Jacob, A., & McGovern, K. (2015). The Mirage: Confronting the hard truth about our quest for teacher development. TNTP. Retrieved from

Reflections on My First Online Course

tabiat3In today’s education system, it is very common to see that students are sitting at a desk, listening to a teacher’s lecture, and taking notes in preparation for an exam or quiz. However, one size does not fit all students as it has happened to my daughter and many parents like me are looking for alternative ways for their kids’ education. Even though their reasons are varying, their aim is common: Satisfying academic quality and safe learning environment. I consider the online course to be a useful resource to support homeschool student’s learning process.

In my master’s program, I was required to design an online course. Since I had never created an online course before, the first week of the class was chaotic. I was overwhelmed by how much work I was required to do. But the course was managed very efficiently, feedbacks were very pimages-9rompt and clear. The chosen materials were very educative and informative. I truly enjoyed taking this class and I have learned a lot of things throughout the course. I created an online course for my homeschooled daughter that would mainly incorporate the kinds of activity that naturally took place in a classroom environment. I hope my reflections will be helpful to parents who might be questioning whether an online course is suitable for their homeschool student. There are many theories lend themselves to a development of online learning environments. I know four of them are used very widely:

-ADDIE Model
-Bloom’s Taxonomy
-Merrill’s Principles of Instruction
-Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions.

It is a perfect tool which could be shaped according to the learner’s needs and interests. It allowed me to take ownership of my own plan and strive for progress. I always have seen myself as a facilitator. I have tried to assist my daughter’s learning by providing the wide variety of resources and have given her the freedom to construct knowledge for herself. Now, she can have access to her course anytime, anywhere, and she only needs a computer and internet access to complete her work. Everything is at her fingertips. I think the most important feature of online learning is the time factor that helps her perform better. She can review topic explanations and videos repeatedly till she has the solid understanding of the topic. Basically, if I were to summarize what I have learned I would have understood that:

1-Preparing online course takes more time when compared to teaching in the classroom. The instructor should be clear and meticulous because if instructions are not clear, students may be confused, may lose self-confidence, and may not gain the real objectives.

2-For online instructors it is crucial to breaking down expectations into bite size learning goals and check them regularly how to see how well students mastered those goals.

3-Scaffolding is the key point for learning. In the online course, an instructor should provide extensive support to a student, but gradually remove that support until the learner can apply the concept autonomously.

4-Consistent communication and timely feedback are very important. Prompt feedback can solve many issues from the very beginning.

5-There are many tools that can be used in the online course but are not always necessary. Keeping things simple is very important. The used LMS should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The chosen tool should work as you expect. I know all parents are busy with the daily whirlwind, however, too many instructions and complex tools can cause misunderstanding for student and parents.images-11



I know there are lots of families trying to figure out how to transition from public school to homeschool. I am sure some of them are feeling overwhelmed and they are not sure if they can really do this. I am planning to design an online course for homeschool parents which will be in training format. I hope this training creates knowledgeable parents and these parents can later work independently without constant help and supervision from others. With this training parents will have chance to see and reflect on what works or does not work for homeschool. My aim is to provide smooth transition believe if online training is taken seriously and done right, every parent could gain the necessary skills. They can learn very effective strategies and participate discussions and collaborate with other parents. They can be ready for the most challenging circumstances. This online course will include five modules. The first module will focus on procedures of homeschooling and eliminating parents’ concerns. I will encourage parents to talk about their feelings and what they believe they will lose because of the change. I will make sure I understand their feedback and adapt my plans based on new information.

Another modules will mainly focus on, determining child’s learning style, choosing the right resources and curriculum, fostering creativity & thinking skills, character building and spiritual growth. I will provide all possible information in both the planning and implementation process. There will be discussion board in order all parents regularly collaborate with each other. Feedback will be provided and documents will be shared. They will gain proficiency by integrating weekly meeting, advice, and reflections throughout the training. In the modules, I will show how to use necessary digital apps and documents that will be used for Homeschool. Collecting weekly data will allow me to measure member’s connection to the process.At the end of each module, homeschool parents will be asked to complete a survey to obtain feedback so that they can have chance improve their knowledge and skills.


The other online course I am planning to design will be Craft class  for 6th grade homeschool students. It will be five- week length. Every week student will learn the different types of activities. The first week, students will discover how to make creative different projects with wood, glass, fabric, paint, glitter, chipboard, paper and much more. The second week, they will learn folding techniques that will enhance their scrapbooking, card making and even home decor. The third week ,they will learn basic methods of beading and jewelry making to create earrings, necklaces and more. The fourth week ,they will discover how to embroider beautiful outline and decorative stitches while creating seasonal projects for their home. The last week they will understand how to knit and realize a relaxing hobby and I am sure they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Completing each week’s crafts will give students a great sense of success and pride. Homeschool Students will love spending time with their parents and create something together. With crafts students, will have bilateral coordination, fine motor coordination, self-regulation, self-esteem, and fun. Students will gain knowledge of the concepts of crafts and design. There will be videos and other resources to make each lesson extremely motivating and fun. They will need a lot of stuff like aluminum crochet hook set, scissors, beads, canvas, different size of needles, yarns, fabric, paint, glitter etc.

Designing Online Course for Homeschool Student


Dear homeschool  parents , welcome to my website!!!

I am a mom ,teacher ,and a learning coach. I know determining whether to homeschool your child has not been an easy thing for most of you. It’s a big duty that takes full dedication. You should have a lot of patience and commitment. Finding good courses, learning good teaching methods, keeping systematic academic records, and obtaining dependable resources are all in your responsibilities.

Homeschooled student can do well academically, but only if given suitable academic motivation from their families. If parents want their child to be successful academically they should take their commitment seriously. I know some parents devote themselves to their children’s academic progress while others ignore it. Without passion and collaboration from every family member, educating children at home does not seem to be possible. Most of the homeschooling parents have in common feature that is a total commitment to providing their kids the highest quality education. Some homeschoolers use experts to do some of the teachings the other ones hire a certified tutor to images-3teach the class to a student.One and a half year, my daughter has benefited immensely and have gained valuable learning experiences in Homeschooling through my Blended-Learning initiative. To bring change in any organization, I’ve clearly understood that giving information is not enough itself. It should be supported with other important steps.

All students have a different personality, level, and background. Some students work best in the morning, some in the evening, and some during the night.Some of them visual learners while others are kinesthetic. Students want the education that is tailored to their specific needs when it is provided they obtain success. Especially for homeschool student’s online courses are great opportunities.Supplementing homeschool instruction with online courses can help students to learn self-motivation, self-control, time management, and this century skills. Students can learn how to find information and answer any question on their own.Students no longer need to worry about accessing course materials.Online courses allow students to work whenever it is suitable for them. Materials, lectures, tests and assignments are accessible at any time.  For most of the learners, online courses are “easy, quick and fun to do”because of that reason they take responsibility and control their own learning.

These five weeks I will be designing an online course  for my daughter. I don’t have so much experience on utilizing technology device so at first even the title of the course came to me very challenging. But after a lot of reading and research , I have figured out the procedure of the designing online course. I believe this course will be a great gain for my personal and professional life. I have realized that creating an online course requires a large amount of time and effort. The online course instructor must take on many roles like the content provider to the content facilitator and must learn to teach effectively without the visual control provided by direct eye contact (Williams & Peters 1997). Per Moore (1993) Online learning teachers should assure three forms of interaction for maximum achievement. These are 1) learner-content interaction, 2) learner-instructor interaction, and 3) learner-learner interaction.

For my online course, I will be using Schoology as an LMS tool (Learning Management System ) as it is free and safe learning network for instructors, learners, and schools.With technology, teachers can connect, share content, create & access homework, participate in discussions and take class information. It is accessible from any mobile tool or computer with internet capabilities.My online course is about a Respiratory system.I have created five modules. I embrace constructivist learning theory besides that to support my learner I use other learning methods as well. When designing the online course I have learned that every single detail of the course must be planned precisely to abstinence from confusions. Directions for every assignment should be very clear.So the first week as a first step I have created my introduction and objectives.

In order to outline the online course,I have used Ubd template and Fink’s three column table .For this course, I will be using some great  materials and resources.To be able to make comparison where my daughter started and how much she has grown over the time I will use formative and summative assessment tools. My focus will not be what I taught to her but rather what she has learned.  The second week I have prepared half of my online course outline.This  week  I have designed  the rest of the outline of my online course.Please stay in tune!