“   MY PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING”imagesKZOEWZCE
Whatever  you do, do it with love.This is my teaching manifesto. If somebody  wants  to make a  decision about her/his future  profession, it should be appropriate to the person ‘s  value, capability, experiences, and skills. Good teaching is implemented by good teachers.Teaching is not only a job, related to employment contract or salary.It is the essence of love.I still remember it as clear as if it was yesterday, one time in 9th grade, something had changed my whole perspective of teaching and teachers in general. It was when I heard from my friends that our English teacher had been changed.It was a big shock to me, wondering what our new teacher will look like and hew he/she taught her/his students.After a couple day of waiting, she had come and she greeted us very respectively, this was her first impression which was very stunning to my surprise.When I  had a chance to see my new teacher, and got to know her, and as time passed by, I came to the conclusion that she had a great impact on me.After one month, not only I had I found myself paying attention to what was being taught but also my teacher’s passion, mimics, gestures, teaching skills, and attitudes.I knew right at that moment, I had to become a teacher like her, to whom I admired.I thought to myself, not only should I light up minds but also light up students hearts and plant new seeds for the next generation as well.Right then, I took her as a role model, inspecting everything and every single little detail, I wanted to know where here enthusiasm stemmed from. I never forget her name, even though I am pretty sketchy on remembering people’s names. Her  influence on me was  life lasting and impressions. Deciding to become a teacher, I knew, that this was the right decision I had made and was looking for a while.  After graduation from university, I tried to follow her footsteps which were always encouraging, praising. According to her teaching  philosophy, teacher’s supposed to be good at being fair, should set high expectations, know  how to motivate, use humor appropriately.

My teaching philosophy is actually bilateral.  The first part is related to the academic growth.Meaning, I believe that one of the most important issues of the world related to education is trying to find  the answer, not” What to teach?” but: “How do we need to teach ?”It is more important and crucial to be able to teach  in an understandable manner. .First of all, we need to find an answer to this question,”No matter what we teach, if we can not create the passion for learning inside the students, this effort is useless and fruitless.We need to take students attention, awaken their curiosity and motivate them.If we can manage to make those things as a first step, learning will be preferred to other activities. As a teacher, I embrace Piaget’s approach (constructivism).My teaching philosophy basically  is -Students can learn better if they construct themselves.I am a facilitator in the classroom, who makes plans, organizes the lessons and provides clear directions.Students  are accountable for their own learning.I support  them  by means of suggestions, challenge them in real world scenarios.With the help of technological devices, they interact with their classmates, share ideas, work together, collaborate on group projects.Providing a variety of activities for increasing their readiness to learn, discover new ideas are my thriving.By utilizing this approach, students promote  learning by gathering, filtering, analyzing and reflecting  on the knowledge or data.
Since I am a language teacher, I always keep in mind, ultimate goals of a foreign language education are trifold: language skills, cultural knowledge, and academic achievement. I strongly believe that teachers should  consider  physiological and social development phases or the academic levels of their students.  Letting  the students enjoy their achievements are perfect moments.

                                Learning is affected also by our prejudices, experiences and environment.It is a must  for me to involve tangible learning  experiences such as drawing, making  creative projects, and field trips involve hands-on opportunities to taste, to see, to touch  and smell are required.It fits my teaching philosophy because I believe that learning can’t be limited to writing, reading and listening.We need to put as many tools as possible in this learning process. Remaining  positive and enthusiastic about  students’ progress  is essential.Teaching another language  is a bumpy road with a lot of ups and downs.In order to help  students, teachers need to be able to identify  students’  challenges  correctly and  ensure  appropriate support. In addition,   being equal and treat all students fairly is another important issue. According to my opinion, teachers should be cautious to give  students concepts which are beyond their  apprehension  may lead to confusion  and  frustration.The teacher has to prepare  appropriate assessment  and evaluation techniques  for  students level.In summary,  the last but not least, in order  to be able to  demonstrate these personal traits, educators  need to have effective communication skills.
” Educationalists have arrived at the conclusion, that effective change in education cannot take place without re-examining the role of’ the teacher. This is an on-going process and the teacher is now seen as a ‘reflective practitioner’ or ‘an artist who is constantly striving to improve his or her art”. (Stenhouse 1985) ”
Another part of my teaching is related with moral values.The education of the current generation is crucial because they are the seeds of the following generation.Preparing our students to life is similar to that of an art. I believe that teachers duty is not only teaching the lesson but also teaching  ethical values as well, such as respect, responsibility, fidelity, trustworthiness, fairness, and caring.  Students  thoughts and decisions are supposed to be valued, if not taken seriously, and distrust on their credibility will then cause our students to lower self -esteem.If I want to establish peaceful  learning environments,  I should appreciate positive attitudes .

To support their students learning, teachers  also need to be able to communicate their feelings and thoughts.They need to create such an environment that every student  should   feel  precious, respected and a member of the  team. They need to establish empathy with their students. Comparing students with each other is a dangerous path.If we want our students to have a strong character, we should respect their weaknesses and appreciate  their strengths.For being a good  a role model,  the teacher should  get over  bad attitudes. This should be done  sensitively and gently.  Admonishing  and direct prohibition invite argument  and encourage obstinacy.
As a conclusion I would like to say; I want to change my students world to get them to think about their places in the world  and what kind of person they wanted to be.I like to challenge of engaging the students  minds. I enjoy interacting with a student at different background and age. Watching them mature and grow into responsible teens is a big pleasure for me. I love to teach, it gives me great joy to share this passion with others.I am aware of the fact that not everyone appreciates my  devotion but If I  inspire  even a few student  it pays off my  all efforts.Unlike learning other subjects, language learning requires a great deal of patience and perseverance.ogretmen