Colombia-nature-large-915x515       I think these three months were eye-opening for me.Before creating eportfolio I have had a few   leadership position opportunity .When I decided  to apply for Lamar University digital Learning And Leading Programme ,I  wasn’t really aware of the fact where it would take me .Personally, I always believe that  l a person should have some certain innate features and also have some abilities for being the leader.It requires right vision ,enthusiasm and full of motivation.My self- esteem is not so strong but these courses show me that there are many ways for leadership.I feel more confident now  .Anyone can be leader including me .If I see anything worth to do it I will pursue it.  I am obstinate and  consistent.I like these two features. If I use them in a correct way I can have my goal  at last.

Creating eportfolio showed me the things that I am good  at and the things I need to improve myself .I am going to use my eportfolio as a showcase to help whomever  needs . As an educational leader, I will be catalyst for positive change .My mission is to provide assistance to student or educator whenever it is necessary.