Proposal Outline


Technology is everywhere in today’s education.  Even the most rural and remote schools have internet and free online teaching resources are available.  Blended Learning is gaining considerable popularity in American classrooms and it is obvious that educators would want to take advantage of blended learning because it looks promising for increased individualization and quicker interventions.  Since I am a home-school parent, I also want to make my learning environment more powerful and effective with Blended Learning.  I have seen many impressive results of others that used Blended Learning.  The United States Department of Education reported recently that to support the notion that blended learning is more effective than either face-to-face or online learning (Nagel, 2009).  It is not possible to rewind a face-to-face discussion, but it is possible to rewind a video until the student understands the concept.  Blended Learning will allow the students to work at their pace.

Seven years of research at the University of Central Florida (UCF) has found that blended courses that combine face-to-face instruction with online learning and reduced classroom contact hours have the potential to increase student learning while lowering attrition rates compared to equivalent, fully online courses.  This research reports the results of a disciplined UCF program that has led to a fundamental redesign of the instructional model (Ecar, 2004).

Blended Learning is not discarding traditional teaching methods instead it raises students’ engagement, learning, and achievement.  How does this happen?  Blended Learning incorporates classes with digital tools, such as computer, increases course offerings, and learning materials; supports learning and raises 21st century skills; accelerates student engagement and motivation; and enhance learning.  Book based research and learning is time-consuming and boring.  Computer –based researches are faster and keep students interest longer such as online hands-on materials make class more exciting.

More parents than ever before are choosing to homeschool their children due to students’ health ailments, bullying concerns, school phobias or the need for a flexible schedule because of a part-time job.  Integrating Blended-Learning into homeschool environment will make a big difference.  Through Blended –Learning, students will quickly learn computer skills, which are important for teenagers who will soon be entering the 21st-century workforce.  It will also open social networks to homeschool child that they may not ordinarily be able to experience.

Blended -Homeschooling Implementation Plan

My change plan is to implement blended learning into my daughter’s homeschooling program.  She will have access to the best possible resources.  Utilizing iPads, tools, games, simulations, and projects will ensure active learning for this project.  This project will lead to three consecutive years of exposure to blended learning.

First, I will create blended learning curriculum by unifying traditional textbook instructions with online learning.  Next, I will identify the program’s learning outcomes and processes.  Then researching blended learning options will come.  After reviewing the pros and cons of the program, I will implement the project.  As the last step, I will make necessary changes.  I hope this project will help to my daughter learning.








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