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        Hi , My name is Ozlem. I live in Austin,Texas  with my husband and three children.Nurefsan ,Hatice, and Numan . I used to be a LOTE(Language other Than English) teacher ,but  currently, I have stopped working for a while to take care of my  son.I am also taking care of my homeschooled daughter who is 12.I have 10 years of  teaching experience.I am  from Turkey. I like traveling, listening  music and reading novels.I am  currently the graduate student at Lamar University.My aim in  this  life is to serve people without any expectation.I love to teach, it gives me great joy to share this passion with others.I am aware of the fact that not everyone appreciates my  devotion but If I  inspire  even a few student  it pays off my  all efforts.  I want to change my student’s world to get them think about their places in the world  and what kind of person they wanted to be.I like to challenge of engaging the students  minds. I enjoy interacting with a student at different background and age. Watching them mature and grow into responsible teens is a big pleasure.

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