Homeschooling in Us is growing at a strong pace. If current growth continues, the number of students will exceed 2 million by 2018. With the help of technology, this number will probably double.

 Why do parents choose to homeschool?

-To provide children a higher quality education

-To support a learning-disabled child

-To have more quality family time

-To make a change from a negative school environment

-To protect from bullying in school

-To give children a religious education

Even though your decision to homeschool can be based on many reasons, the common idea is you want better education for your children. As parent-teachers, we all see that homeschool is more responsive to our children individual needs and interests by being flexible and self-paced.

You have a huge responsibility and accepting your knowledge and skills as it is, might hinder your and your children’s abilities. You are the main resource your kids to use to support themselves but you don’t feel contented and confident with teaching a specific subject. Believe your ability to learn and implement new instructional strategies. Technology tools are designed to foster your teaching. At first making big instructional changes can be a challenging process but at the end, it all pays off. As you begin using digital tools, you will see great advantages for your homeschool curriculum. With the advances in technology, resources for home schooling has grown enormously. You should learn to keep up with it. Blended-learning is the perfect fit for homeschool as it gives the learner the opportunity to really dive into technology. You can get the traditional homeschool method and add all the option that the internet allows.Here are eight benefits that blended learning brings to the homeschool setting.

Here are eight benefits that blended learning brings to the homeschool setting.

  1. Improves the quality of teaching and learning
  2. Enables student to learn at his own pace
  3. Instills a love in learning
  4. Engages student
  5. Increases student success
  6. Promotes student ownership
  7. Provides student autonomy
  8. Prepares students for real-world skills

In today’s information and science driven world learners are very busy with the opportunities. They all are competing for good positions. if they are equipped for the necessary changes they can be independent and lifelong learners. Good parenting requires continual awareness and growth. Enhancing your teaching does not mean using technology as a baby sitter. Only Meaningful use of technology can increase your child success. Life is about balance; too much and too little can harm your children.This week I have prepared an elevator pitch for my article.I have preferred to use adobe-spark as it is user-friendly.

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