Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a professional development outline plan for homeschool parent-teachers. During this time, I have had an opportunity to sift through the 5 disciplines of effective professional development. In the first two weeks, I was asked to create a presentation that will point to and convince my colleagues for the need for alternative professional development. For this purpose, I have created another presentation and a  video. Next, I formed an alternative PD plan outline that will provide the overview or guidelines for the PD development that I need to support my innovation plan. In this innovation plan, I have tried to identify all the key components for effective professional development. Finally, I have organized and present all the components of my professional development plan by using my BHAG. I believe this course has provided me a great experience and insight.



Hi, Dear Homeschool Parents!
I want to begin my post with one of Barbara Johnson’s quotes images (4)that say “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today “I absolutely agree with her. Nothing you do for your children is ever wasted. Child education is one of the biggest challenge parents face. During the child-raising process, every parent experiences some difficulties and needs help and guidance. The nature of children looks like a clean paper. Since whatever is initially printed on it will remain for rest of its life, this is why parents should aim to leave good images on this clean page. It is obvious that homeschooling has turned into a mainstream education option for many families. You are one of them. Even though your decision to homeschool can be based on many factors, the common idea is you want an enhanced education for your children.You are your child mentor, this is a huge responsibility and accepting your knowledge and skills as it is, might hamper your and your children’s abilities. You want your children to become independent and lifelong learners. Without effort, supposing all things to drop down from the sky happens just in a dream.

So, the best way to advance your child is to start by improving yourself since you are actively involving in your children’s achievement and accountability.  You are doing something worthwhile, that’s why constantly moving forward is imperative to grow and develop your knowledge. This learning will give you the power to do what you intend to accomplish.The human potential is unlimited, the more you progress, the more you comprehend. There is so much out there that you must learn.  Whenever you think you are good, you can even be better. When you think, you know everything you fall into ignorance.

Always remember, you cannot teach what you don’t know. Before telling your children the ways on how to exalt yourself and be lasting learners, you should let them see that you yourself is a representation and a product of development. On this way, you can achieve a lot more than you might realize and inspire many people other than your children too.

You are the main resource your kids to use to support themselves but you don’t feel contented and confident with teaching a specific subject. If you really want to improve yourself what’s holding you back? Professional learning opportunities can help you. Maybe you think in our current education system, professional developments are in one size fits all situation mode, therefore they are not effective. Like our learners, we are also diverse. We come from different backgrounds, experiences, and different learning styles. But it is possible to personalize your professional development with Twitter, Pinterest, online articles, books, (3)You think you are too busy and don’t have time to attend a physical class, no worries. There are plenty of online professional development courses that do not cost you any money. All you need is self-discipline, internet access and keep learning. You will enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace and gain many necessary skills very quickly.

Identify your weaknesses and take the time to turn those weaknesses into strengths, even create new strengths. Since you are comfortable you should not settle for less and stay where you are. When It comes to learning, there is no age, time or place boundary. With the help of professional developments strive to be a better learning coach in any way conceivable. To be of the ‘best of mentor’ is not easy. The reward is great but so is the responsibility. So, you might think that it is hard to know the difference between effective professional development and ineffective professional development? There are five principles that you can use to identify effective professional development (Gulamhussein, 2013):

1.Professional development needs to be an ongoing experience for educators.

2.Professional development needs to provide support for teachers during the implementation stage of using a new instructional method in the classroom.

3.Professional development needs to offer content that is specific instead of generic.

4.Professional development needs to be engaging and uses varied approaches to support learning for both groups and individuals.

5.Professional development needs to include modeling as major parts of teacher training.

If these professional learning principles are implemented successfully, you and your children can benefit from it. For you, it provides many skills and ensures the wide variety of educational resources. For your children, it gives a personalized learning and increases your kids’ test scores. Do not try to improve yourself for the sake of improvement alone; improvement should be purposeful and in accord with your situation. This is all for this week. We will continue our post upcoming weeks.


I have created a presentation for you by utilizing Google Slides.The reason that I have chosen this tool is because Google Slides are very common and can attract many people’s attention. I actually created a very good interactive presentation using biteable moviemaker. However, because I was using (the free version), when I clicked the presentation I realized that they don’t let me to access my presentation.So  I am not able to show that presentation.Since I have learned Google Slides to be user-friendly and navigatable I prefer to use it.At first, I hesitated to use it because I thought it would take too much time to figure out the procedures. Adversely it is very simple and convenient. The best part of using this online tool is that you don’t need any special skills. There are many templates options and you can embed any type of videos to your presentations. You can create presentations, introductions and more.I have prepared my outline by utilizing piktochart.







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