I know there are lots of families trying to figure out how to transition from public school to homeschool. I am sure some of them are feeling overwhelmed and they are not sure if they can really do this. I am planning to design an online course for homeschool parents which will be in training format. I hope this training creates knowledgeable parents and these parents can later work independently without constant help and supervision from others. With this training parents will have chance to see and reflect on what works or does not work for homeschool. My aim is to provide smooth transition believe if online training is taken seriously and done right, every parent could gain the necessary skills. They can learn very effective strategies and participate discussions and collaborate with other parents. They can be ready for the most challenging circumstances. This online course will include five modules. The first module will focus on procedures of homeschooling and eliminating parents’ concerns. I will encourage parents to talk about their feelings and what they believe they will lose because of the change. I will make sure I understand their feedback and adapt my plans based on new information.

Another modules will mainly focus on, determining child’s learning style, choosing the right resources and curriculum, fostering creativity & thinking skills, character building and spiritual growth. I will provide all possible information in both the planning and implementation process. There will be discussion board in order all parents regularly collaborate with each other. Feedback will be provided and documents will be shared. They will gain proficiency by integrating weekly meeting, advice, and reflections throughout the training. In the modules, I will show how to use necessary digital apps and documents that will be used for Homeschool. Collecting weekly data will allow me to measure member’s connection to the process.At the end of each module, homeschool parents will be asked to complete a survey to obtain feedback so that they can have chance improve their knowledge and skills.


The other online course I am planning to design will be Craft class  for 6th grade homeschool students. It will be five- week length. Every week student will learn the different types of activities. The first week, students will discover how to make creative different projects with wood, glass, fabric, paint, glitter, chipboard, paper and much more. The second week, they will learn folding techniques that will enhance their scrapbooking, card making and even home decor. The third week ,they will learn basic methods of beading and jewelry making to create earrings, necklaces and more. The fourth week ,they will discover how to embroider beautiful outline and decorative stitches while creating seasonal projects for their home. The last week they will understand how to knit and realize a relaxing hobby and I am sure they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Completing each week’s crafts will give students a great sense of success and pride. Homeschool Students will love spending time with their parents and create something together. With crafts students, will have bilateral coordination, fine motor coordination, self-regulation, self-esteem, and fun. Students will gain knowledge of the concepts of crafts and design. There will be videos and other resources to make each lesson extremely motivating and fun. They will need a lot of stuff like aluminum crochet hook set, scissors, beads, canvas, different size of needles, yarns, fabric, paint, glitter etc.


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