Designing Online Course for Homeschool Student


Dear homeschool  parents , welcome to my website!!!

I am a mom ,teacher ,and a learning coach. I know determining whether to homeschool your child has not been an easy thing for most of you. It’s a big duty that takes full dedication. You should have a lot of patience and commitment. Finding good courses, learning good teaching methods, keeping systematic academic records, and obtaining dependable resources are all in your responsibilities.

Homeschooled student can do well academically, but only if given suitable academic motivation from their families. If parents want their child to be successful academically they should take their commitment seriously. I know some parents devote themselves to their children’s academic progress while others ignore it. Without passion and collaboration from every family member, educating children at home does not seem to be possible. Most of the homeschooling parents have in common feature that is a total commitment to providing their kids the highest quality education. Some homeschoolers use experts to do some of the teachings the other ones hire a certified tutor to images-3teach the class to a student.One and a half year, my daughter has benefited immensely and have gained valuable learning experiences in Homeschooling through my Blended-Learning initiative. To bring change in any organization, I’ve clearly understood that giving information is not enough itself. It should be supported with other important steps.

All students have a different personality, level, and background. Some students work best in the morning, some in the evening, and some during the night.Some of them visual learners while others are kinesthetic. Students want the education that is tailored to their specific needs when it is provided they obtain success. Especially for homeschool student’s online courses are great opportunities.Supplementing homeschool instruction with online courses can help students to learn self-motivation, self-control, time management, and this century skills. Students can learn how to find information and answer any question on their own.Students no longer need to worry about accessing course materials.Online courses allow students to work whenever it is suitable for them. Materials, lectures, tests and assignments are accessible at any time.  For most of the learners, online courses are “easy, quick and fun to do”because of that reason they take responsibility and control their own learning.

These five weeks I will be designing an online course  for my daughter. I don’t have so much experience on utilizing technology device so at first even the title of the course came to me very challenging. But after a lot of reading and research , I have figured out the procedure of the designing online course. I believe this course will be a great gain for my personal and professional life. I have realized that creating an online course requires a large amount of time and effort. The online course instructor must take on many roles like the content provider to the content facilitator and must learn to teach effectively without the visual control provided by direct eye contact (Williams & Peters 1997). Per Moore (1993) Online learning teachers should assure three forms of interaction for maximum achievement. These are 1) learner-content interaction, 2) learner-instructor interaction, and 3) learner-learner interaction.

For my online course, I will be using Schoology as an LMS tool (Learning Management System ) as it is free and safe learning network for instructors, learners, and schools.With technology, teachers can connect, share content, create & access homework, participate in discussions and take class information. It is accessible from any mobile tool or computer with internet capabilities.My online course is about a Respiratory system.I have created five modules. I embrace constructivist learning theory besides that to support my learner I use other learning methods as well. When designing the online course I have learned that every single detail of the course must be planned precisely to abstinence from confusions. Directions for every assignment should be very clear.So the first week as a first step I have created my introduction and objectives.

In order to outline the online course,I have used Ubd template and Fink’s three column table .For this course, I will be using some great  materials and resources.To be able to make comparison where my daughter started and how much she has grown over the time I will use formative and summative assessment tools. My focus will not be what I taught to her but rather what she has learned.  The second week I have prepared half of my online course outline.This  week  I have designed  the rest of the outline of my online course.Please stay in tune!