Heart and Mind

                                                                 HEART AND MIND

For many years to improve student achievement, school reforms have focused on course curriculum, instructional methods, and teacher training. They have ignored the spiritual success and parent effect on education. Gain has been very limited since they have  focused on mind not the heart.

 As a family, we always believe both school and parents shape academic and spiritual achievement. We challenge ourselves to   preserve traditional family values so that our children will become the strong leaders of tomorrow. With the guidance of this fact, we   try to raise our children who are skillful as well as spiritually wise and knowledgeable in every area that will be useful for them in their future lives.

 I always support and believe in thimagee public school system. However, I am homeschooling my daughter. My children have been in different public school districts. When we moved to our current area, we put them in public school and after a while, we concluded that   it simply was not a good fit for our family. My daughter   personality seemed to change. She was unhappy and does not want to go to school .She became aggressive toward us and her siblings .Even though she was very brilliant student in her old school ,her grades began dropping  ,I found that situation is  alarming. After some time we figured out some of the students were bullying her. We talked with school admin’s but unfortunately, we could not see much difference. We need to protect our child from destructive peers, habits, and purposes that would dampen her spirit. My husband and I both want our daughter get good education but this should not be in this way. Then we began asking why questions. Why do we want our children to get a good education? “So they can get a good job “Why do they need to get a good job? So, they can live happy in the future. Happiness was the key point and it should be our goal. I decided to take her away from the bullying and the peer pressure the rest of the year to homeschool. Before that, I was always afraid to homeschool thinking there was no way I could be an adequate teacher and mother   at the same time. It was quite a revolution in thinking and after a while, I thought that it was my responsibility, no one else’s. I never looked back and I started quite formal, like school, but eventually developed an approach that seemed to suit my child’ learning style perfectly. Over time, I realized that homeschooling was the right choice and I could literally see how it could work in our family. Within three weeks, I had my gentle loving daughter back. “Why’ questions became the driving force behind homeschooling my child. I first aim her heart then mind .I strive to teach her to love learning and continue to learn throughout life.  Now she knows success means doing her best, being her best, and feeling proud of her effort .


-To protect our child from destructive peers, habits, and purposes and to   preserve traditional family values we began homeschooling.


-I started quite formal, like school, but eventually developed an approach that seemed to suit my child’s learning styles perfectly.


 -She looks every fail as an experience and knows success means doing her best, being her best, and feeling proud of her effort.

 Jonn Kotter gives a tip and says; whenever we are starting a major change the first step is always, getting a sense of urgency among the people who will be affected getting complacency down is important. I will use this tip while I am building growth mindset for my daughter. I will teach how to deal with negative thoughts then create sense of urgency and get complacency down. I believe if I touch her heart, I will definitely affect her mind.



Image retrieved from https://www.google.com/search?q=heart+and+mind&safe=off&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=942&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZ5vLhhs_PAhUK6YMKHdfQBHEQ_AUIBigB#q=heart%20and%20mind&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg%3ACdovU4xlOlcaIjjWp9Q2WNbtltz3XurRMqZGiqHpgvsWmSiU10kxVM2JPrNO1NdXSjdyCjVeYt4jeu4as23TCaqvOSoSCdan1DZY1u2WEehoP9dWjBXVKhIJ3Pde6tEypkYRaiKyj7rS9XMqEgmKoemC-xaZKBE7oIZILMCXJCoSCZTXSTFUzYk-EbKg2Zq2w3_19KhIJs07U11dKN3IRq_1bnWKKzZt4qEgkKNV5i3iN67hEU4ezNrZIdECoSCRqzbdMJqq85EW6ztGeJKt8y&safe=off&imgrc=q9m_s5AYnikbWM%3A

Kotter, J. (2013, August 15) Leading change: Establishing a sense of urgency. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yfrj2Y9IlI



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