How the Influencer Model and 4DX Supplement Each Other

In the last assignment I have learned the Influencer model and it’s implementation process. In that course I have undertood if I want to make change in any organization , I need to involve all six areas of influence. After the Influencer model, I have sifted through the other model, which is called 4DX. In order to have success this model helped me to understand what actually needs to be done. I have come to the conclusion that both of the model  focus on the implementation of a goal.  4DX collects data and looks the performance of team members. Now I see we cannot separate the models because they complete each other. Like a body and soul. I, strongly believe that if I manage to utilize accurately the two models, I can surely accomplish my goals.

     When we observe our daily life, the whirlwind always gets priority. We focus on the day job and ignore the most important long term goals.  When we look from the mothers’ perspective to this situation, (my audiences are mothers) being a mom has never been a   simple job, today greater demands upon women have seemed to make it harder than ever.

     My friends wish they could be homeschooling their children at home, but feel that they do not know how they get it all done. — Schooling, laundry, cleaning up the kitchen ,cooking food ,ironing ,tidying all rooms , dusting all furnishings, and  controlling everything ,putting things where they belong ,etc. Eventually they never have time to important goals. I believe they could certainly do a better job if they had a model that prepares them better for the process. I believe with 4DX model it will be easy to implement homeschool process, after reading the 4DX book, I’ve gained the required information  to carry out the 4 Disciplines of Execution.

 Discipline 1-Focus on the Wildly Important Goal (WIG):

It requires focusing on one wildly important goal, or with the other name WIG. My WIG : Three members of the team will homeschool their child and learn how to use technology effectively for this purpose, by fall 2017.

Discipline 2 -Act on the Lead measures:

Lead measures:  I have identified four lead measures and want to focus on :

– Provide better communication (Gain feedback & provide feedback).

– Share necessary documents (Online video presentations, downloadable audios, handouts and additional reading resources).

– Improve the knowledge (Teach scheduling and time management tips to help team members to integrate schooling into the natural flow of their home).

– Reduce operational problems by developing necessary skills (Show how to use digital apps and tools).

Lag measures: Make sure the entire team member feels satisfied and motivated to begin homeschool. Assure all of them acquired the proficiency to use digital tools.

Discipline 3: Keep a compelling scoreboard:

 Visual scoreboard is exceptionally essential and every group ought to build up a straightforward and visual scoreboard. The board should incorporate lead and lag measures. I have to put the scoreboard in a noticeable place, so everyone can check whether the group is winning or losing. Lead measures without a lag measures, may make us feel good but it will not provide confirmation that desired result has been totally achieved.

Discipline 4: Create a cadence of accountability:

The cadence of accountability incorporates with regular meetings. During the week, it will be 30 minutes. Everyone will focus on WIG and assess the current progress.

  We will look at the   scoreboard so we will be able to see who is having success and who is struggling. Finally, I will collect in writing from each person a list of the things that they are committed to doing in the next week and have them sign it.


 There are five stages of change .These are getting clear, launch, adoption, optimization, and habits.

Getting clear stage:

The first stage includes lead measures, scoreboard, and committing to the regular WIG sessions. It is very important because if team members know clearly, what are the wildly important goals and how they can accomplish, that   motivate them to implement the other steps of the execution. In order to get that point we will make a meeting every week. By integrating meeting, they will gain proficiency, advice and reflections throughout the year. We will focus on two wildly important goals because if we have many goals, consequently we will lose focus and accomplish none. I will explain what will be our lead and lag measures to team members.  If they have any concern, I will try to eliminate it.


I will organize a meeting about Blended- Homeschool project. After meeting, my first thing to do is to create a homeschool team and then guide them in every possible way. What I want to see with this project is: To have all off the team members fully understand why blended -homeschool is so important and learn how to use technology effectively for this purpose.


Team members will look at the scoreboard and see their own improvement by means of knowledge and experience. To understand the members’ connection I will check scoreboard. Whoever is struggling I will provide support. Who has a success I will motivate by giving incentives. Week by week, they will begin to feel more committed to the program.


It is significant for all team members to collaborate regularly with each other. At every turn, I will create and encourage collaboration, so team members can feel more ownership of the program. I will use surveys to obtain feedback. I will adapt my plans based on new information and try to improve members’ knowledge and skills.

 In the Habits stage:

I believe by using 4DX strategy process, team members will achieve our WIGs. They will build confidence and self-esteem, in time. Members will begin creating their own goals and expectations .When needed they will be able to implement the model individually and make necessary alignments.




McChesney, C.,  Covey, S., Huling, J. (2012, April 24) The Four disciplines of execution: Achieving your wildly important goals. Free Press.


Leading Organizational Change

My Innovation Plan

Each of us is an influencer of others. In fact, to live is to influence. Wherever and whenever our lives interact with others (at home, at work or in our community), we have influence. We change lives. We affect people every single day with the looks on our face, the words we say, the actions we choose, and the decisions we make. Even choices and traits of our friends and even our friends’ friends have a powerful effect on ours. The interactions we have in this world offer great opportunities. They can be either positive or negative. They can add value to the lives of others or they can take value away.

Raindrop Foundation is a non-profit educational, charitable, social and cultural organization.  This organization aims to cultivate friendship and promote understanding of diverse cultures through its unique services to the community. I am voluntarily helping to this organization for six years. I am the only one who home-schools her child in a community. I have many friends and colleagues there. Some of them want to make their child home-school as well and whenever they have a chance, they ask questions about home-school.

For two years, my daughter has benefited immensely and have gained valuable learning experiences in Homeschooling through my Blended-Learning initiative. The book, Influencer has broadened my horizon. I have learned a lot of valuable information from it. To bring change in any organization, I’ve clearly understood that giving information is not enough itself. It should be supported by other important steps. So, I want to be an important agent for change and decide to influence my friends. I aim my friends’ hearts and minds. I can influence by providing a clear logic, an explanation of the benefits them by appealing to shared values and emotional connection.

Starting in the Fall of 2016, I will organize a meeting about Blended- Home-school project, whoever is interested to participate, they will. After meeting, my first thing to do is create a home-school team and then guide them in every possible way. I will be the leader in this change effort but will find friends, they will mentor members for assistance.  I think there are three people in the organization who is against homeschooling. If I manage to gain their trust and support, they can make my plan a success since they are silver-tongued and effective people. I will ask those persons to join me in that endeavor because only the team can make the change happen.

What I want to see with this project is to have all off team members fully understand why Blended -Homeschool is so important and learn how to use technology effectively for this purpose, so that once they are ready to apply to Blended-Homeschool project, they will have all necessary skills to implement it successfully.

In this process, four key strategies have helped me to identify the vital behaviors that I would like to change to achieve the desired results.

Notice the obvious.

Almost all the Raindrop organization members are well-educated people and have a teaching background. In addition, they are technologically literate people. I mean they already have the required skills for teaching their own children. I just need to guide them the procedure in terms of smooth transition to Blended -Homeschool Project.

Look for Crucial Moments

I believe my friends want to make their kids homeschool but they need somebody to model them how to implement it. Even tiny changes can take time to filter through and be adopted. I will provide all possible information in both the planning and implementation process. I will share my story and offer an opportunity for them to learn from my experiences.   I believe experiences add much more value than an opinion. I will say only if the pain is faced will the benefits be enjoyed to their fullest.

Learn from Positive Deviants

It is important for all team members to regularly collaborate with each other. They will gain proficiency by integrating weekly meeting, advice, and reflections throughout the year.  Mentors will show how to use necessary digital apps and documents that will be used in Blended-Homeschool.

Spot Culture Busters

Even though homeschool idea appeals my colleagues they have some drawbacks like: “Do homeschool kids perform as well as non-homeschooled kids? Is there a negative impact on their social skills? “First I will eliminate these concerns. I will encourage them to talk about their feelings and what they believe they will lose because of the change. I will make sure I understand their feedback and do not be afraid to adapt my plans based on new information. I will answer questions. I will stress that I have knowledge, skills, and strengths that will help move them forward.

My Goal:  Three members of the team homeschool their child and learn how to use technology effectively for this purpose, by Fall 2017.

Key Factors: Clear communication and feedback will be our key factors.

Goal Measures:  Collecting weekly data will allow me to measure member’s connection to the process.  Feedback will be provided and documents will be shared.

Vital Behaviors: I will focus on the two vital behaviors that produce the greatest amount of change.  Our first vital behavior is having a meeting every week and the second one is to utilize technology to gain comfort and proficiency.

My desired result: To have all homeschool team members will be able to learn how to plan and design their own lessons   by May 2017. Results will be measured by tracking their participation in weekly meetings.  At the end of each semester, members will be asked to complete a survey to obtain feedback on the Blended-Homeschool Project implementation process so that they can improve their knowledge and skills.


The six sources of influence model are structured process of how to provide change and it is based on the book, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, and David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler.

It can be used for anything we want to change. It is a perfect tool to gain measurable result. It is a path that we can diagnose and implement change result.The process begins with defining a problem in a form of solution. After the solution defined with measurable results then we are supposed to make brainstorm on what the vital behaviors cause the desired results. Then analyze the sources of influence that should be put to cause change. If we implement six sources of influence effectively this ensures the success of the change. As the last step, we can measure the result.




Heart and Mind

                                                                 HEART AND MIND

For many years to improve student achievement, school reforms have focused on course curriculum, instructional methods, and teacher training. They have ignored the spiritual success and parent effect on education. Gain has been very limited since they have  focused on mind not the heart.

 As a family, we always believe both school and parents shape academic and spiritual achievement. We challenge ourselves to   preserve traditional family values so that our children will become the strong leaders of tomorrow. With the guidance of this fact, we   try to raise our children who are skillful as well as spiritually wise and knowledgeable in every area that will be useful for them in their future lives.

 I always support and believe in thimagee public school system. However, I am homeschooling my daughter. My children have been in different public school districts. When we moved to our current area, we put them in public school and after a while, we concluded that   it simply was not a good fit for our family. My daughter   personality seemed to change. She was unhappy and does not want to go to school .She became aggressive toward us and her siblings .Even though she was very brilliant student in her old school ,her grades began dropping  ,I found that situation is  alarming. After some time we figured out some of the students were bullying her. We talked with school admin’s but unfortunately, we could not see much difference. We need to protect our child from destructive peers, habits, and purposes that would dampen her spirit. My husband and I both want our daughter get good education but this should not be in this way. Then we began asking why questions. Why do we want our children to get a good education? “So they can get a good job “Why do they need to get a good job? So, they can live happy in the future. Happiness was the key point and it should be our goal. I decided to take her away from the bullying and the peer pressure the rest of the year to homeschool. Before that, I was always afraid to homeschool thinking there was no way I could be an adequate teacher and mother   at the same time. It was quite a revolution in thinking and after a while, I thought that it was my responsibility, no one else’s. I never looked back and I started quite formal, like school, but eventually developed an approach that seemed to suit my child’ learning style perfectly. Over time, I realized that homeschooling was the right choice and I could literally see how it could work in our family. Within three weeks, I had my gentle loving daughter back. “Why’ questions became the driving force behind homeschooling my child. I first aim her heart then mind .I strive to teach her to love learning and continue to learn throughout life.  Now she knows success means doing her best, being her best, and feeling proud of her effort .


-To protect our child from destructive peers, habits, and purposes and to   preserve traditional family values we began homeschooling.


-I started quite formal, like school, but eventually developed an approach that seemed to suit my child’s learning styles perfectly.


 -She looks every fail as an experience and knows success means doing her best, being her best, and feeling proud of her effort.

 Jonn Kotter gives a tip and says; whenever we are starting a major change the first step is always, getting a sense of urgency among the people who will be affected getting complacency down is important. I will use this tip while I am building growth mindset for my daughter. I will teach how to deal with negative thoughts then create sense of urgency and get complacency down. I believe if I touch her heart, I will definitely affect her mind.



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