images-6For the past five weeks, I’ve been working on creating a significant learning environment.  I have read many articles, searched many websites and learned a lot in this process.
 In the first week I realized that learning environment is a vital part of education and it contributes a lot to the student success. The second week I focused on my learning philosophy. I understood that the main purpose of education should be learning to learn. I saw my learning philosophy positively influences my innovation plan and my actions. After watching videos, I   grasped how holistic approach helps to learners mastering the real learning skills. The third week I began creating my big, hairy, audacious goal by using Dee Fink’s 3-column table.
   After creating my own plan, I have come   to the conclusion that: Plan is the teacher’s road map that guides and supports the student learning. A beneficial lesson plan is not the one in that everything goes precisely as arranged, yet one in which both student and teacher gain from each other. In some cases, our learning goals don’t reflect what we expect to educate. At that point we should make alignment with the plans and goals along the way to improve the student learning. The alignment provides connection between objectives, learning activities and assessment activities.
 The fourth week I used Grant Wiggin’s and Jay McTighe’s Understanding by design template. I compared and contrasted both of the plans. Then I noticed that they use backward design and provide an opportunity to see where the learners will be at the end of the course. For my organization I decided to use Fink’s 3 column table.
During the fifth week I began internalizing mindsets. According to psychologist Carol Dweck, there are two different types of mindsets: The fixed mindset & the growth mindset. It was fascinating to know we all can become more productive, more confident, happier, and more successful by changing our mindset. To have a fixed mindset hinders us from being those kind of persons.  Since we focus on outcome, not on the process. We assign a huge meaning to one single event, if it doesn’t come out how we want, we think I am not good at this, I can’t do that. Then we begin creating low self-esteem.mindset-splash
All of us from time to time can have setbacks in our life, it is natural. Even though at first they seem bad, actually they provide great feedback in the long run. We should take the message from every setback when something went wrong, take a lesson from it, prevent it from happening again. Having a growth mindset assures looking failure from the other aspects. It was very valuable to comprehend   we can limit ourselves or improve our skills according to our beliefs and thoughts. Before taking this course I was not aware that in some cases I do have fixed mindset.  I have never seen myself as a technology person. Now I see my confidence grows with each assignment I finish, each discussion board I participate. Over time, I believe I can grow and improve myself as a technology. In other words, all of my small efforts add up to a growth mindset.
Perceiving feasible and long–lasting change begins with building a strong personality, not by concentrating on results like talent, test-scores, performance, appearance was a big gain for me.
To start developing a growth mindset in our students, we need to teach to believe in themselves. When learners have growth mindset they believe they can get smarter and efforts make them stronger. Therefore, they put in extra effort and time, and that leads to higher achievement.  The other vital thing is to teach, the word of “yet”. They should not say “. I cannot master that topic”, instead they should say” I couldn’t master that topic yet”. This secret word encourages and gives a hope to the student during learning way.
Dweck suggests a resource to have a growth mindset in four steps. How will I implement in my organization?
1- Teach my daughter how to hear her inner fixed mindset voice.
2- Say she has another option as a growth mindset.
3- Make interior monologue with a growth mindset.
4-Take an action with a growth mindset.
Creating significant learning environment will positively affect my blended-home-school project. I know  my attitude has a big influence on my daughter mindset, and the feedback that I give can either encourage to develop and increase her achievement or look for an easy way to escape from her responsibilities.That’s why ,first I will change my mindset. To promote the growth mindset for her ,I will use content, video and media .Providing  a natural learning environment   will open way the love of learning for her. I will  try to draw her attention the value of learning and generate joy and fulfillment in her.
From now on, to assure a strong personality and strengthen her confidence, I will praise my daughter’s hard work, effort and strategies.
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Image retrieved from https://www.google.com/search?q=learning+center&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=613&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiajsbH7rTPAhVGHB4KHS3lBGimages-3

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