Education and Learning Environment

Education and Learning Environment

Learning environment is a significant part of education and it contributes a lot to the student success. What fundamental ideas from a new culture of learning will I bring into my learning environment? First of all, I will make some vital changes and adjust the designated room according to my daughter needs. She will go on learning with blended learning, but natural learning environment will work as a catalyzer for her education. My daughter will be   accountable for her own learning. I will support her by means of suggestions and challenge her to inspire productivity with many ways.  In this process, I will take on several roles such as mentor, collaborator, facilitator and a coach. As a mentor, I will give clear and well stated objectives. As a collaborator, I will encourage her to do independent work.  I will use e-learning, to support and foster my learning environment that will provide flexible learning that suited for her. I will be   a facilitator, who plans, organizes, guides, and provides everything for her. I will be coach who identifies the target skill, determine her interests and motivators such as food, her favorite drink(tapioca), social routines, movies, activities. First, I will give a little for free then create a provision for access to item or activity. She will be free to choose the assignment as long as she meets the objectives. I will give assignment that requires production like gathering materials, self-correcting games, projects, experimental exercises. I will suggest and encourage her to keep learning diaries or portfolio that shows her learnings and post on the internet.

By using real-life experiences, current events, arts and other lively sources, I will open way the love of learning for her. Consequently, I believe creating significant learning environment will positively affect my blended-homeschool project.

It is really hard to get people think holistically. Even though we live in technology age many people prone to have narrow perspective in learning. I don’t want to be pessimistic but it seems to me changing will take time.  Our subconscious doesn’t like innovations, changes and tries to protect us.  Because innovation and change involves risk. If something is unknown our subconscious stays away from it.

People say; “Since I don’t know how to live in paradise, it is better to live in hell “why because there is uncertainty. When we first learned to drive, we think through every single detail. Look at the road, look at the rearview mirror, gear change, clutch establish equilibrium with gas. But later we do everything automatically. If we start looking with right perspective to change, we can have success in the end. The same situation is valid for anything like changing the ideas. Consistency and patience are the key factors for having successful change. So we should think big but start with small steps what we change.

  There are two challenges I will encounter during this transition. First one is, no matter how I well design the program It will not match with the standardized test curriculum. Of course, I will consider standardized test curriculum but it will not be my only concern like before.  Another one is, I have to prepare lessons on every subject this requires a lot of time and effort. With good time management I will try to handle this problem. Personally my perspective is broad enough to become a foundational that will influence my learning philosophy and my actions and I feel like I am evolving everyday as I learn.





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